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Nauti vauhdin hurmasta ja kiidä koiravaljakolla lumivalkeassa arktisessa luonnossa. Ääretön avaruus hiipii lähellesi, kun revontulet leiskuvat miljardien tähtien kimaltaessa. Ota aikaa itsellesi tunne syvä rauha ja kuuntele luonnon ääniä. Polar Star Travelin safareilla pääset lähelle Lappia – kaikilla aisteilla.

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Lappish Village Reindeer ride

This kilometer long tour starts and ends at the reindeer farm ”Sammun Tupa”. This family owned old farm is hidden in the forest and gives you a feeling of pure Finnish tranquility and harmony.

from 88

Lappish Village, Lappish Culture and Reindeer

The program will be interesting for those who want to meet these nice animals and learn about their life.

from 73

Husky Safari 8 km

Start your arctic experience with huskies! This is what you absolutely should try in Lapland!

from 164

Husky Safari 6 km

Start your arctic experience with huskies! This is what you absolutely should try in Lapland!

from 132

Husky Safari 18 km

Program for all those who like adventures. Long safari allows you to enjoy spectacular snowy views of Finnish Lapland and feel invigorating power of adrenaline in your body!

from 255

Husky night safari

During this premium husky safari you can enjoy the magic of the night sceneries and silent nature- With some luck we might spot the Northern Lights!

from 280

Horse riding in the forest for one hour

Friendly horses are waiting ready for you and after safety instructions we start one hour trail riding trip with original Finn horses.

from 55

Hiking with huskies

We welcome you to our authentic family owned horse and husky farm! Enjoy the nature while hiking with energetic husky dog on a forest path.

from 75

Hiking for Pleasure Seekers

The pleasure seeker takes the gondola up to the Levi fell in order to enjoy the view without much physical strain.

from 68

Gold panning in Elves village

Try your luck panning gold at Elves village. An elf will show you the secrets of finding gold – if you are lucky you will find your own gold nugget!

from 30

Fatbike Trip

Dreaming of a biking trip outside of Levi central area into a deep, wild forest? Let’s pack up the fatbikes into a car, snacks to our backpacks, and head out of the village by car.

from 80

Excursion to Lainio SnowVillage

Magnificent snow castle and ice sculptures! We drive to Lainio Snow Village. We will get to know the snow village, snow hotel, snow bar, ice sculptures etc.

from 71

Clatter of the hoof – Full-day riding trip

Admire the Northern surroundings on horseback for a whole day. During this trip we ride on forest paths, enjoy the beauty of Fell Lapland…

from 250

Canoing tour on Ounasjoki River

Paddling is an easy way to get to the wilderness. We will drive Köngäs village and River Ounasjoki. We’ll have a small tour in the Elves Village yard and enjoy old Lappish architecture.

from 78

Canoe Tour on Kapsajoki

The Kapsa river is a safe river, even for beginners, but will still give you a challenge. You can decide whether you prefer a full day of canoeing, or just a few hours of adventure.

from 95

Authentic Finnish Sauna experience – Elves Village Riverbank traditional wooden sauna

Yes, it’s true. We are going to open a secret of Finnish wellbeing!

from 35

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience

Yes, it’s true. We are going to open a secret of Finnish wellbeing! Sauna is a way of life for Finns, our source of relaxation and positive thinking.

from 75

Aurora Borealis Snowmobile Safari 2h

Come and experience the blazing Northern Lights! The journey starts as the darkness falls. In the wilderness we may explore the changing sky and with some luck, we can spot the Northern Lights.

from 124

A multi-day adventure in Fell Lapland on horse back

This riding safari takes you along sandy roads, trough wild forests, by lakes and over hills and fells.

from 1600

4 days hiking tour in the Ylläs-Pallastuntutri National Park; Hetta–Pallas route

We will meet in Levi and drive to Sami village Hetta app. 1,5 hours’ drive from Levi.

from 550



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