Courtesy Levi Ice Gallery

A wonderful snow castle designed by the owner of the place, where beautiful wall decorations and colorfully lit ice statues create a unique atmosphere. The chapel, which is renovated every year, guarantees a romantic setting for weddings. Location: On the banks of Ounasjoki, approx. 7 km from Levikeskus.

Ice chapel

The intimate, beautiful and romantic chapel is the perfect wedding venue near Levitunturi. Lumilinna gets its inspiration from Lapland's nature, traditions and the spirit of the times. Ideal for approx. 30–50 people.

Cottage restaurant

A popular and traditional hut restaurant, the interior of which is crowned by a spectacular fireplace, around which delicious Lapland dishes are served. Dinners for approx. 100 people.

Accommodation in a snow castle

Staying in snow-priced rooms or suites is an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Levi's coldest hotel!


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