Women's nature and wild herb retreat in Lapland coming in summer 2024

Join us for a magical retreat in the green nature of Lapland's early summer. We will learn to identify, collect and process the strong wild herbs of Lapland. We get to know the food and herbal uses of wild herbs, as well as the magical powers of plants. We cook delicious food together using wild herbs. We take a sauna in the healing herbal sauna, enjoying the cleansing baths and take a dip in the free-flowing Ounasjoki river. You get to participate in empowering nature rituals, relax on Lapland's drumming trips and enjoy the company of like-minded people.


In Lapland, in the landscapes of Levi.
In the village of Köngäs and in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.


 The start of the retreat and descent into the energies of Lapland

Arrival in Taivaanvalkeat, Köngäs village on the banks of Ounasjoki river. In Taivaanvalkeat the mind rests and not even the sky is the limit for the powerful energies that the Tonttula experience village area breathes life into. The hundred-year-old log houses and beach sauna create a magical setting for a retreat.

The invigorating and cleansing energy drink of Lapland welcomes everyone. We take part in a relaxing drum trip that calms our minds and allows us to descend into the energies of Lapland.

Getting to know herbs starts with a nature walk by the Ounasjoki river.

For dinner, a delicious vegetarian meal consisting of local products is offered. During the evening, we get to know each other and take a joint evening walk in Tonttula's fairytale forest.


 The powerful herbs of Lapland and Levi's Utsuvaara

The morning starts with a delicious breakfast and a presence exercise.

Next in programme is Raija Kivimetsä's lecture on powerful wild herbs, identifying and collecting herbs in nature.

After lunch, we will continue exploring wild herbs and learn more about their identification and collection. We also pick healing herbs for the sauna and go hiking in the fells.

We walk calmly on the wonderful fell paths, admiring nature's awakening to the green of summer and the wonderful fell landscape. In a Lappish hut we relax by the fire, enjoying the magical hum of the drum and we get to hear Lapland's ancient stories.

A delicious vegetarian dinner awaits us at Taivaanvalkeat. Afterwards we can relax in the gentle embracing steam of a traditional beach sauna and pamper ourselves with peat masks and herbal foot baths. The bravest can take a dip in the cool water of Ounasjoki river.

The summer night light in Lapland is strong and nature is awake all night.


10.6. The magic of herbs on a plate, the power of the midnight sun and the chain of seven fells

The morning starts with a delicious breakfast and a joint morning exercise.

We learn more about plants, collect herbs and make power incense.

In the afternoon, we prepare and enjoy a nutritious dinner together using the plants we have collected ourselves.

After dinner, we will go to the mythical chain of seven fells, to the wonderful landscapes of Pallas. Here, at the source of the world's cleanest air, we take a leisurely walk across the tree line to the holy spring. Water meditation takes us to ancient cleansing energy.

We gather together in Lapland's hut around a fire for fire rituals. The powerful incense creates a mystical atmosphere and the ancient rhythm of the Lapland drum helps us to ground ourselves in the arms of Mother Earth and we can experience a great connection with the surrounding nature.

We'll have some herbal tea and a small evening snack around the campfire.

We ascend to Taivaskero, where at midnight we are channels for the magical light of the sun. Arctic nature is powerful, anciently harsh and beautiful. From the great fells of Lapland, the whole of Lapland opens up in front of our eyes. We thank Mother Earth and return to the village of Köngäs with new energy, to Taivaanvalkeat and fall into a peaceful sleep.

11.6. Final words and silence for gratitude

The morning begins with fresh spring water and a gentle stimulating and restorative exercise and relaxation.

After breakfast, women's circle and closing ceremonies. Thank you and see you soon!



699 eur / person
195 eur/person additional fee for a 1-bedroom room

The price includes accommodation in a 2-person room at Boutique Hotel Taivaanvalkeat, the meals mentioned in the program and the versatile program described above. Transportation to Pallas and Utsuvaara with shared carpools of the participants.

Retreat fee:

199 eur / registration fee. Payment is made at the time of registration from the link next to it.

500 eur / final payment of the retreat by April 15, 2023

Cancellation terms:

before April 15, 2023, 50% of the registration fee will be returned

From 15 April to 30 April 2023, the final payment of 500 euros will be refunded

30.4.-8.6.2023 payments are not refunded. We recommend taking out travel insurance, in case of possible illness.

Retreat leaders

Heidi Jokela

Heidi is a bright entrepreneur and nature connection instructor of Polar Star Travel. Her love for Lapland's arctic nature has brought her from Europe to Levi. Heidi has found a magical power in the Arctic fell nature, which has inspired her to create memorable experiences for thousands and thousands of travelers. She likes to drum at traditional huts by the fire in the ancient energies of Lapland. Invigorating drum relaxation and hiking in nature is her way of letting go of the busy everyday life of an entrepreneur. She has lived in Italy and Sicily for a long time and in May 2024, together with Raija Kivimetsä, she will organise a well-being and health trip to the Etna volcano valley.

Raija Kivimetsä

Raija is the founder of Finland's oldest wild herb website hortilu.fi and an inspiring trainer. He has introduced thousands of people to the secrets of wild herbs over the past twenty years. Raija is also a herbal medicine professional, a health journalist and an author, and a nature connection instructor. She has written several non-fiction books about wild herbs, the most recent of which is Charming Horta - food and remedy from wild herbs. Raija loves nature, hiking and also runs popular horta and wellness trips to Crete and Sicily in spring and autumn.