A holiday at Levi takes you close to arctic nature.
Experience the magical lights and colours; the pure nature and stillness of Lapland.

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What would you like to experience?

Enjoy the charm of speed by racing with a dog sled in the snow-white arctic nature. The infinite space draws close to you as the northern lights flicker with the twinkling of billions of stars. Take time for yourself, feel deep peace and listen to the sounds of nature. With Polar Star Travel's safaris, you can get close to Lapland - with all your senses.

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8.6 / 10

Which accommodation would suit you?

Levi is known for its comfort and atmosphere, its cabin villas, city center apartments, glass igloos and atmospheric log cabins create a comfortable setting for your visit. As Polar Star Travel, we are the Lapland's holiday apartment experts. We will help you find accommodation where you will feel the most comfortable.