Wellness retreats

Join us for a magical drumming retreat, come take care of your relationship or go learn about strong wild herbs in the beautiful nature of Lapland.

Women's fall retreat in Lapland 14-17 September 2023

Join us for an unforgettable autumn retreat in Lapland. You can go hiking, do yoga, enjoy sound bowl relaxation, feel the ancient energies of Lapland on drumming tours and relax by the fire at kota hut. It's wonderful to share the experiences of Lapland with like-minded women. In the middle of Lapland's delicate Arctic nature, you stop and recover from your everyday life!

Women's nature and wild herb retreat in Lapland coming in summer 2024

Join us for a magical nature retreat in the middle of Lapland's summer nature. We will learn to identify, collect and process the strong wild herbs of Lapland. We get to know the use of wild herbs as well as the magical powers of plants. We cook delicious food together using wild herbs. We take a healing herbal sauna, enjoying the cleansing baths and take a dip in the free-flowing Ounasjoki river. You get to participate in empowering nature rituals, relax on Lapland's drumming trips and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Drum retreat in the magical light of the midnight sun June 19-21, 2023​

During the retreat you will have the opportunity to make your own traditional Lappish drum. The drum is made using traditional methods, the frame of the drum is made of wood and the drum membrane is made of reindeer skin, which is dyed with natural vegetable dyes. You will learn to use the drum as a healing tool and learn to play and care for it. You will participate in the dedication ceremony of the drum. You get to participate in empowering light nature rituals, relax on drumming trips, enjoy the cleansing baths of a traditional sauna in the company of like-minded people - not forgetting the delicious hut meals.

Women's heart, nature and herbal retreat in the energies of volcano Etna in Sicily in May 2024

Dive into Sicily's flower-rich and fragrant spring. Hike in the Etna Nature Park and experience the top of the volcano. Learn to identify herbs and plants and learn how to use them as food, herbs and in rituals.
Treat yourself with Italian cuisine. Feel the intense fire energy, the magic of Sicily, participate in nature rituals, release yourself, laugh and enjoy. Take time for yourself away from everyday life, relax and experience the colorful Sicilian lifestyle.