Terveyssummit - Health Events

Now is the time to strengthen yourself in the bosom of spacious, green and clean Arctic nature. Cooperation with Terveysummit continues. The four episodes of the Health Adventures goes Levi series will be published during March.

You are welcome to Levi with family or friends. Now is the time to get stronger in the middle of spacious, green and clean Arctic nature. Hiking in the fells opens your senses and inspires you to collect nature's own herbs and berries. Also try hugging a tree - it has been proven to reduce stress.

It is comfortable and safe to relax with your family or friends in a cozy apartment or cottage.

The nightless night of summer and the bright mornings of autumn will enchant you time after time and make you fall in love with Lapland too.

With best regards and TerveysSummit Levi expectations, founders of Terveyssummit Levi

Elias Jaakkola, TerveysSummit and Heidi Jokela, Polar Star Travel

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