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We bear responsibility for the world's cleanest air, soil and water. We bear responsibility for the Arctic nature, which leaves an eternal mark on people - and on which people can leave an eternal mark. We bear responsibility for the Lapland culture and way of life, which are lived by only a handful of people here north of the Arctic Circle.

We have identified the environmental aspects related to responsible apartment accommodation. These include:

  • Recycling of company waste
  • Instructing customers and staff on ecological operations
  • Ecological procurement
  • Saving energy and water
  • Active participation in the environmental certification of the Levi area
  • Sustainable tourism

We sort our waste. Polar Star Apartments has its own waste point with recycling bins for plastic, cardboard, metal, glass and paper. We encourage our customers to also recycle small electronics and batteries at Levi's common collection points. We guide staff and travelers to save and respect nature through everyday actions. About half of our apartments are accessible.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents, toilet and paper towels in the apartments. Regarding other procurements, we require our suppliers to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

We use energy-friendly or LED lamps in our apartments. We have made sure that we only use electricity that has been produced by using 100 % renewable energy sources.

We constantly monitor our water consumption, and water-saving measures are an important part of our company's environmentally conscious operation.

We are involved in the environmental certification of the Levi area, our accommodation facility Polar Star Apartments has been granted a Green Key certificate from 2020, we comply with strict Green Key criteria also in the office and in the staff premises.

Our company's management and staff consider the principles of sustainable tourism in all their activities. The management of our company evaluates the functionality of our environmental system in an annual review.

In sustainable tourism, the needs of the traveler and the destination are combined while respecting the local culture and environment. The idea of ​​sustainable tourism is to preserve the cultural tradition of the destination area and protect valuable natural areas. At the same time, sustainable tourism supports the region's economy.

The Polar Star Nature nature activities we offer such as e-fatbike cycling, snowshoeing, kayaking, skiing, ice skating and rafting have also received Green Activities environmental certificate.

Our operations are based on Finnish laws and regulations, and we require responsible operation from our partners as well. Our employees are insured and we do not allow discrimination in any form. 

Green Key

In more detail, our responsibility guidelines can be found here: Sustainability Policy & Guidelines

You can use the form below to send us feedback or ask questions regarding responsibility and sustainable tourism. Thank you for your feedback!

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