Women's heart and herbal retreat in the energies of volcano Etna in Sicily 15 – 22 May 2024

Dive into Sicily's flower-rich and fragrant spring. Hike in the Etna Nature Park and experience the top of the volcano. Learn to identify herbs and plants and their use as food, herbs and in rituals.

Treat yourself with Italian cuisine. Feel the intense fire energy, the magic of Sicily, participate in nature rituals, release yourself, laugh and enjoy. Take time for yourself away from everyday life, relax and experience the colorful Sicilian lifestyle.




In Italy, Sicily, in the village of Letojanni on the shores of the Mediterranean, under the control of the Etna volcano.



Day 1.  Good morning Sicilia

Meeting at Catania airport in Sicily, from where we travel together to our hotel, near the Etna volcano.

Familiarization circle and descent into the energies of Sicily and Mother Etna. A walk that opens the senses.

Dinner together at a local restaurant.

Day 2. Fire energy and creativity

The morning starts with breakfast and Raija's rousing morning session. Thursday is the day of the fire element, creativity and the summit of Etna volcano. Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe and one of the most active volcanoes in the world. As we climb the slopes of Etna, we can admire the fertile valleys of the volcano, small villages, the Sicilian way of life and we gradually dive into the chestnut forests of the Etna Natural Park. The landscape becomes more barren and lava valleys open in front of us. The stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea are breathtaking. The bus takes us to an altitude of 1,800 meters, from where we continue with the gondola lift towards the top of the volcano. At the top, we will hike together at about 2500-3000 meters. The energy of the volcano is strong and we get an incredible energy charge from Mother Etna.

We return to the hotel for dinner. In the evening we stretch and study the messages and energy of the volcano.

Day 3.  Sea and stone day

The morning starts with breakfast and Raija's stimulating morning session. Friday is the day of water, Mother Earth and stone energy. We walk along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, where we do nature exercises together, we get to enjoy the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and dive into the energies of the sea.

We enjoy a Mediterranean lunch in a beach village at a local trattoria.

Return to the hotel, relax and have your own time.

Day 4. Taormina and Castelmola, herb identification and hiking

The morning starts with breakfast and Raija's rousing morning session. We leave with shared transport towards the picturesque villages of Taormina and Castelmola. Taormina is called the pearl of Sicily. Located on top of a high hill, Taormina has colorful houses, narrow alleys and wonderful sea views. The mighty volcano Etna rises majestically in the background, and below, the Mediterranean sea alternates between turquoise and deep blue. We start hiking in the village of Castelmola, we get to enjoy the plants and the splendor of Sicilian spring flowers and the intoxicating smell of flowers. Raija tells us about the herbs we encountered and the wonderful edible plants of the Mediterranean. We descend the hill all the way to Taormina, where we can enjoy the Italian way of life, beautiful alleys and green gardens. The day in Taormina culminates with dinner in an Italian trattoria, where we can enjoy the fresh flavors of Italian cuisine and the serenades of street musicians.

We return to the hotel after dinner.

Day 5. Etna nature park and mountain villages

The morning starts with breakfast and a stimulating morning session. We head towards the Etna nature park, where hiking on the paths of the nature park awaits us. We get to meet Etna's ancient oaks and a container of wood energies. Raija guides us to herbs and plants and we make power incenses for the heart and creativity of fiery women. We enjoy lunch in a small mountain village. We get to taste the typical dishes of the Etna region seasoned with local herbs. The mountain villages are small and in them you can feel the Sicilian atmosphere and admire the lava architecture. We still enjoy coffee and visit the local pasticceria bakery. Sicilian pastries and gelatos (ice creams) are famous, wonderfully sweet and rich, just like the Sicilian culture.

On our way back, a joint evening exercise in the hotel's garden.

Day 6. Day off

Breakfast at the hotel, then free time. In the vicinity of the hotel, you can take a leisurely walk, relax by the pool, read, or go on foot to the beach or go shopping.

Day 7. Water walk in the lava valley of Gole dell'Alcantara

The morning starts with breakfast and a stimulating morning session. We head to the mountain scenery in the beautiful Gole dell'Alcantara valley. Through erosion, the river has shaped a wonderful narrow lava valley, at the bottom of which we can hike in the river. We sensed the powerful energy of the lava and the gurgling and splashing power of the stream. A quiet mindfulness river walk makes us feel the incredible power of both water and lava. The beauty of the valley dazzles and we get to admire the hissing of Eucalyptus trees and the spring greenery of nature.

After a joint dinner, the final circle of fiery women's heart and creativity. We burn the incense in the ancient hum of the drum. Women's heart energy is beautiful and powerful. The smoke and smell of incense create a mystical atmosphere and the energy of Mother Earth from Etna volcano grounds us. Fire women's heart beats strongly with creative and wild power.

Day 8. Arrivederci Etna and Sicily

The morning starts with breakfast and a stimulating morning session. It's time to say goodbye to our wonderful accommodation and wonderful new and old friends. Shared transport to the airport.

More information:

Heidi Jokela


010 325 4044


Raija Kivimetsä raija@hortoilu.fi


Responsible tour operator Polar Star Travel



Trip price: €1,339

Additional fee for a single room: €200

The price includes accommodation in a room for 2 people with breakfast, 6 wonderful meals, airport transportation, transportation to excursions, the conquest of Etna and a wonderful strong women's program, Raija's plant guides, information about using plants as food, herbs and in rituals, Heidi's drumming relaxation and drumming rituals, tour leaders and tour guide services.

The price does NOT include flights.

Ask Heidi Jokela for instructions on purchasing flights

The registration fee of 299 euros is paid when booking from the link on the right.

Final payment 1040 euros by 15 March 2024.

Cancellation terms:

before 15 March 2024, EUR 149.5 of the 50% registration fee will be refunded

16.3. – On 31 March 2024, the final payment of 1040 euros will be returned

1.4. - initial retreat payments are non-refundable. We recommend taking out travel insurance in case of possible illness

Retreat leaders

As tour leaders: wild herb educator, herbal therapist, nature connection instructor, FM Raija Kivimetsä and Polar Star Travel's luminous strongwoman and entrepreneur, nature connection instructor Heidi Jokela.

Heidi has lived in Italy and Sicily for a long time and knows the customs and culture of the country inside out.

As tour guide: practical multitasking woman, wine and food expert, Sari Kissakivi


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