Congress center Levi Summit

The congress and nature center offers a unique environment and a setting that utilizes the latest technology for meetings and congresses. Modern and easy-to-use meeting equipment and efficient communication connections ensure smooth events in the fells.


The core of the congress center's facilities is a state-of-the-art auditorium with 435 seats and equipped with the latest presentation technology - the crown is a 140 square meter stage for, for example, the launch of a new car model or an international class presentation. The auditorium can be divided into two parts with a soundproof wall: in the front part, more than 220 fixed seats with a work surface, in the back part, more than 215 seats in a collapsible grandstand. The back part can also be used as a flat-floored meeting or exhibition space, together or separately with the auditorium in the front part.

Meeting facilities

Spaces suitable for up to 1,000 meeting guests can be divided into smaller parts with sound-insulating partitions, or they can be versatilely combined with each other or with lobby spaces.

Premises (m², units, seats)
Auditorium 470, 1, 435
Front 215, 1, 220
Back 255, 1, 216
Stand assembled 255, 1
Stage 140, 1
Meeting rooms 320, 1, 120-210
Basic state 55 , 5, 20-35
Base state 105, 3, 40-70
Base state 160, 2, 65-105
Base state 220, 1, 90-145
Cafe 140, 1, approx. 100
Cabinet 35, 1, 15-25
Banquet meals approx. 500


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Number of people
Year of construction
Area (m²)
Sleeping places
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