Press release: Lapin Luontoelämys will be acquired by Polar Star Travel on July 1, 2020

Press release: Lapin Luontoelämys will be acquired by Polar Star Travel on July 1, 2020

Published on 18 June 2020

Heidi and Juha Jokela, the entrepreneurs of Polar Star Travel, will take over Lapin Luontoelämys from July 1, 2020 onward and let Raija "Raiski" Palosaari spend her well-deserved retirement days.

With the trade, the business activity, which has grown strongly, is more and more oriented towards nature experiences in Lapland's wonderful arctic nature. The transfer of Lapin Luontoelämys to Polar Star Travel is part of the "Polar Star Nature" brand developed by Polar Star Travel, the purpose of which is to produce nature experiences safely and with respect for local culture, ways of life and the sensitive arctic nature.

Raija "Raiski" Palosaart and Heidi Jokela are united by their love for Arctic Lapland and the desire to offer tourists authentic and unforgettable experiences. "Raiski" Palosaari will be involved in business activities during the transition period, training guides, consulting and developing new products. "Raisk's" stories can be listened to in the future as well, because he has promised to also guide when necessary.

The traditional village of Könkä in Kittilä still remains the home of Lapin Luontoelämys, where the rafting and kayaking programs start. Sales will move to Polar Star Travel's premises in Levi's core center, Torikuja. At Torikuja 10, you can buy Lapin Luontoelämys tours, rent fat bikes, canoes or paddle boards. You can also rent canoes or paddle boards from the Sauna bar at the northern end of Immeljärvi. The summer, autumn and winter weekly programs of Lapin Luontoelämys will run in the same way as before. You can sign up for summer and autumn kayaking, paddling lessons, fat bike tours, hiking and rapids adventures at the Polar Star Travel office, on the Lapland Luontoelämys or Polar Star Travel websites, or at the Visit Levi sales point at Zero Point.

"This acquisition has been in preparation for a long time, but in the end it was urgent, because the corona pandemic changed the plans in March. When the worst crisis was overcome, I began to understand that the world and traveling changed with the virus and now is the time to develop experiences in nature, because now especially people want to move around in open and clean nature. I believe that the demand for authentic and local nature experiences will grow," says Heidi Jokela. Lapin Luontoelämys will be part of Polar Star Travel's Nature brand, and the core of its operation is "Raisk's" idea of taking travelers to the nature of Lapland, which he loves, and to the landscapes of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. In addition to traditional hiking, Raiski has produced e.g. kayaking, rapids adventures, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, kick sledding and the amazing experiential Amazing Levi playful competition.

"The most wonderful memories for travelers are often created from simple things, such as a great fell landscape or stories around a campfire," says Raiski. And you can find those stories from Lapland wanderer Raiski, and even though Raiski's intention is to slow down, he will be involved in Lapin Luontoelämys, consulting, producing and training. Raiski's journey on the paths of Lapland continues and he has promised to guide if necessary. He doesn't miss Halti's spring hiking on forest skis or kick sleds or summer kayaking in Inarijärvi at any cost. From the beginning of autumn, adventures designed for a completely new target group will be on sale at Lapin Luontoelämysk.

"It has been great to be an entrepreneur at Levi, there are entrepreneurs here, and the partners have always united as a vision for the growth of Levi and the enjoyment of customers. I would like to thank everyone for this joint effort," says Raiski.

"Raisk and I are united by love and respect for Lapland's harsh Arctic nature. We are inspired by customer encounters and we want to get tourists to become interested in Lapland. This Lapland craze is contagious and both companies have regular customers who come to Lapland year after year. We are both "brought by train" but rooted here. We became friends on a trip to Saana already 16 years ago. And we are also united by the fact that we are both mothers of twins. It is an honor for me to continue leading Lapin Luontoelämys on the path indicated by Raiski," says Heidi Jokela.

More information:
Heidi Jokela:, 010 325 4044
Raija Palosaari., 040 716 3033

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