Hotel Hullu Poro

The premises' up-to-date meeting and sound reproduction technology meets the needs of even the most demanding meeting organizer. Comfortable meeting rooms with up-to-date equipment can be found for groups of 10 to 500 people.

The meeting and congress facilities can be modified according to different occasions:

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter meeting rooms:
55 people / space in class format (á 78 m²) or
all facilities together 300 people (320 m²)

Spring and Summer meeting rooms together:
130 people in class format (156 m²)

Winter meeting space divided:
25 people in class format (á 39 m²)

Restaurant Taivas:
restaurant hall in class format for 50 people
3 group work spaces for 12 people each
2 group work spaces for 16 people each

Exhibition premises:
lobby (200 m²)

Poron Holvi and Poron Pirtti meeting rooms:
Reindeer Pirtti 35 people in class format (64 m²)
Poron Holvi 50 people in class format (80 m²)

Crazy Reindeer Arena:
Hall Ground floor (560 m²) + Performance stage (120 m²)
350 people in class format
500 people in a theater format

Exhibition premises:
upper floor (350 m²)
Ground floor (800 m²)


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